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How to Use C++20 Coroutines for Networking

11:00 - 12:30 Friday 8th April 2022 BST
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This talk shows how to write an event-driven 'chat' program using C++20 coroutines. Coroutines improve the process of writing event-driven code and this talk provides a worked example of how to do so. Practical strategies for how to design, debug and reason about such architectures are given. The talk opens by introducing a familiar callback version of 'chat' that is based on Boost.Asio. The talk then shows how the same application can be coded using C++20 coroutines. The performance of the two approaches is compared empirically and a number of observations are made.

Jim Pascoe

I love all things related to modern C++ and Lua. I am particularly interested in the areas of networking and concurrency. I am a lead programmer working for Blu Wireless to create a high-bandwidth 'track-to-train' radio area network for large rail deployments (based on 802.11ad).